“Day of the Tiger”

How amazing does that title sound? It sounds powerful and epic and epic it is! Introducing to you Yumi & The System.

Yumi and the System is a female fronted rockband from Nashville. Yumi, also known as Amy Wright lends her vocals to this incredible trippy track while Ben Wright kicks butt on guitar. Their main influences are indie pop, punk & dirty rock which is evident throughout this track.

The first few minutes of the song sent pictures in my mind of open fields, flowers and glorious sunshine and just enjoying life. That’s what music is all about! It’s a brilliant up-beat track with a touch of Goldfrapp about it which is a huge compliment. Throughout the song we are met with wonderful lyrics and continuous visuals, for example ‘let my tear drops dry’ and ‘open up the sky’ and the whole song just screams independence and power linking with the tiger. It is also incredibly catchy.

All in all i’m really impressed with this band and will definitely be keep an eye on them!





Yumi & The Systems’s release of the album will happen Sept 23rd

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